Mashpot is an event to connect faces with email addresses, Twitter handles, and blogs. Going to Megablaag? Sitting on a panel? Before SXSW gets underway, join us for free drinks + food, a photo booth, and acoustic performances by:

Because space is limited (this is a house party), we have to keep the venue secret. Priority will be given to those that RSVP first. Those that sign up in time will be emailed the location by Tuesday, March 14th.

To RSVP you’ll need to download Thrillcall’s mobile app for iPhones (see the tutorial on how to RSVP at bottom fo the page). If you don’t have an iPhone, please contact: and we’ll help you out. Thanks.

1. Select the city icon, and choose “Austin.”

2.  Follow the instructions and click the screen to RSVP.

3. Click “Attend” and input your information.

Once you hit “Attend,” you should receive an email confirming your RSVP. If you have any problems, feel free to contact us: