Songwriter Clarence Bucaro released his latest album, Passionate Kind, this past spring and he’s on the road through the summer and fall. He’s playing The Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on August 16 and we’ve got a pair of free tickets to give away!

Ahead of the show, we chatted with Clarence about his new record and life on the road. Read the interview below and enter to in a pair of free tickets to see him in LA!

Clarence Bucaro

Hey Clarence, thanks so much for taking the time to chat and congrats on the new record! What does “Passionate Kind,” the song and the album title, mean to you?

Passionate Kind centers on social issues and a worldly view.

The title track, is a ballad about a heroine. I read a lot of literature and watch a lot of opera. I am incredibly inspired by strong female protagonists like Turandot, Carmen and Violetta.  It’s a love song that is romantic yet cautionary.

You also released a beautiful video for the song with actress Juliet Doherty. How did that collaboration come about?

Higher art was a big influence for this album. From the start, I envisioned a classical ballerina taking the lead in the visual story. I wanted it to be a behind the scenes, day in the life of a ballerina. I stumbled on Juliet thru Instagram. I was impressed with her grace and vitality. I knew she would perfectly embody the woman in the song.

You’ve release almost a dozen albums in the last 2 decades already – what feels particularly special to you about the new one?

I approached the lyrics differently on this record. I wanted to make sure that nothing I said in these songs was already said in past albums. I took off a couple months over the winter from touring and dedicated myself wholly to the lyrics. When writing I kept asking myself is this interesting and is it honest.

As you head out on the tour this summer, what’s life on the road like for you? Any favorite cities or venues to play?

I have two young boys and touring in the summer is a family affair. I call them my little roadies. They really enjoy traveling and going to the different venues. They are quite outgoing and love new experiences.  Last year I took them to Italy on tour which was an incredible experience being able to explore the art museums and beautiful churches. Seeing my kids being blown away by seeing the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel was unforgettable.

Lastly, what’s in store for the rest of 2018 for you?

I am currently working on a few artistically collaborative projects. One in particular is about how music impacts society. It’s a multi-media experience. I’m also working on a stage production and finishing up a collection of fiction short stories.