London’s own Pumarosa released their debut record, The Witch, only a few months ago, and they want to celebrate the music with you! They are currently on an extensive tour, and next week they’ll be stopping in LA at Resident in Little Tokyo, supported by French Vanilla. Download the Thrillcall app to win tickets!

Win a pair of tickets to Pumarosa at Resident, October 12th!


Pumarosa is led by Isabel Munoz-Newsome. She has a commanding voice, which tends to levitate above the band’s instrumentation for a sense of ritualistic, ethereal pop. Popmatters said that their new record “casts a hex on the listener, holding you enthralled,” a fitting description for a record with such a title, influenced by other realms.

Munoz-Newsome acknowledges her role as a political figure, as she admits all artists are. The Independent had a candid conversation with her and guitarist Neville James about it:

“At their Oval Space gig Munoz-Newsome dedicated their song ‘Lion’s Den’ to Theresa May, which somehow seemed like an unusual thing to hear at a gig but is becoming more and more common, as artists react to political events unfolding around the world.

‘It feels so overwhelming at the moment, what’s happening,’ she says. ‘Sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it just makes me feel f***ing sad. What can we do? It was in our heads so much that I wanted to say something. And that song is a protest almost against that situation, which has been completely engineered, and here we are.’

‘I feel all music is political to some extent,’ James says. ‘Even if you’re just providing people with some way to release their anxieties and think about something completely different for a while. You’re doing something political there.'”

Win a pair of tickets to Pumarosa at Resident, October 12th!

The band is currently on tour, headed through a string of North American dates before heading back to the UK and working their way through major European cities. You can find more information here. Be sure to download the app in order to enter for a chance to win a pair of tickets to their LA gig; be sure to set your location to locate the giveaway.