With a new EP just released this past June, the career of Norwegian pop star Astrid S is building momentum. It will all come to a head on her upcoming tour–the largest tour she has ever embarked upon! The ‘Party’s Over’ World Tour will cross North America and Europe, including two dates in the UK.

Ahead of her tour, we got to pick Astrid‘s brain a bit about the state of pop music and where she’s headed next. Thrillcall is also giving away tickets to each date along the US leg of the tour! Read all about it and find links to the contests below. Download the Thrillcall app in order to enter.

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Thrillcall: Your North American tour comes on the heels of the release of your new single, “Think Before I Talk.” What was the catalyst in writing this song?

Astrid S: Think Before I Talk was written by Andrew Cedar, Madison Love, and Scott Harris. But I can relate to this song in many ways, and I hope and think that other people can too. To me it could be about friendship, family or a relationship where you say things you don’t mean in the heat of the moment when you are hurt, upset or angry about something.


Do you think pop music needs saving? 

I’m not sure. I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s pop this past year, and rarely obsess over any of the new pop songs that are released in 2017. With that said, nothing is bad or good, wrong or right in music. It’s just music, and everyone is allowed to have their own taste. But I must admit that I’m looking forward to the day when someone manages to release an innovative and unpredictable song that becomes a hit, so that everyone eventually can move on from the pling plong spotify sound with instrumental choruses. But that’s just my opinion. I’m really excited for Camila Cabello and her new music. Especially her two latest songs. They’re different, urban and organic at the same time.

What are your favorite and/or least favorite aspects of the pop music scene?

I love how this genre has become so broad the past years! I feel like anything is pop, really. What I love about listening to pop from earlier, like the 80’s, is that it sounds more organic, though it’s electronic. Everything was recorded manually (the drums, piano, bass everything!), and not with just a midi-keyboard. It’s both sad and good, because it makes it possible for anyone to produce and make music. But still I feel like it was more to it before, and for my album I would love for it to be more organic and have musicians record the instruments.

Win tickets to see Astrid S!

You visited Los Angeles to write and record recently, but on your tour you’ll be visiting more corners of the continent. What are you most excited to do or see in your travels?

On my tour I’ll be very excited to visit San Fransisco again. It reminds me of Europe, and is just so beautiful! They have great food too. I’ve been alot in LA the past years, and it kind of feels like a home to me in many ways. I have made some really close friends there, and a lot of my norwegian friends live there too. So it’s always nice to come back and have some familiar faces in the crowd.


In an interview with Idolator, you mentioned that sometimes “the easiest, most simple songs, are the hardest to write.”

With that I mean that the easiest songs are simply really hard to write. When you hear the chorus to my song “Breathe”, it’s so simple and cathy. But it was so hard to write and make it work. When I hear songs that are simple and catchy, and think “why haven’t I come up with that before”, I know that it was probably very hard or time consuming to write. My opinion is that the simpler the better. Don’t make it too complicated.

What can fans expect next from Astrid S? More hot collabs or even an LP on the horizon?

There will definietly be an LP in the near future. I’ve decided to lock myself up in a studio early next year to just write and explore. I might do something different, or maybe I’ll stick with the path I’m already in. After this fall’s tour I’ll take a break and focus on making some good music, and hopefully a debut album.


Astrid S Tour

9/12 @ Velvet Underground – Toronto
9/14 @ Brighton Music Hall – Boston
9/15 @ The Foundry at The Fillmore – Philadelphia
9/16 @ U Street Music Hall – Washington, DC
9/22 @ Subterranean – Chicago
9/23 @ 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis
9/29 @ Constellation Room – Santa Ana
9/30 @ The Independent – San Francisco