Australia’s indie rock songwriter Slow Dancer is finally making his way to the States! This fall, starting in the middle of September, he will embark on a tour taking him through major cities from New York to LA. He’ll be supporting his new LP, In A Mood, which came out earlier this year on ATO Records. It’s a comforting record, and though it doesn’t feature dramatic crescendos, it still will move you.

Read our interview with Slow Dancer, and see details of the tour below. Be sure to download the Thrillcall app to enter.

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Slow Dancer

Thrillcall: You have an uncommon day job for a musician- as a social worker! How are you able to separate your music from your day job?

Slow Dancer: I really like the balance having two jobs provides. I don’t feel completely defined by one. I rarely have time to think about one when I’m doing the other but I do often find creativity comes in stronger every second day, so having a place to go and work a different part of my brain every second day is a huge benefit to my creative process (and sanity). Not to say Social Work is not creative, quite the opposite I would suggest, but definitely a different creativity.

TC: This isn’t your first rodeo, having released a solo LP back in 2014. What’s new for you on In A Mood?

SD: I’m really proud of Surrender. I’m really excited about it being re-released later this year on vinyl too. But I think In A Mood explores a new level of atmosphere. I focussed less on narrative, and more on feeling.

TC: When sharing the video for “It Goes On,” you mention that “we do a lot of talking,” and that you wanted to capture non-verbal communication cues. What interested you about this idea?

SD: What I wanted to try do was to give a sense of the subjects and their personalities from their belongings, their personal spaces – you know how you often make an idea in your head about a person before they even say hello? I wanted to explore that in this clip.

Win tickets to see Slow Dancer on tour!

TC: Noisey introduced you as a student of Life who has a healthy love for philosophy. Where does this love stem from?

SD: Well I think everybody should have some interest in the acquisition of their knowledge. I knew in high school that I wasn’t dumb, but I sure as hell didn’t get good grades. Philosophy provides me with an understanding of why I might have felt that way. Its not well advertised, but you get to design your life, and how you want to live it. Philosophy provides some great ideas on how to do it. Think your folks/care givers/society might have had your best interests a tad wrong? Philosophy can be like your cool uncle that really gets you, and shows you how to be your own person without pissing them off completely. It effects my writing a great deal. It effects my life a great deal.

TC: I also want to give you a chance to discuss a “fun fact” that you shared with Tidal: that you write material on the toilet. Is it because the acoustics are so good in the bathroom?

SD: During my ‘do everything Jimi Hendrix used to do’ phase, I adopted this strange practice. It is absolutely a great place for acoustics, but I think more so, its a time in your day that is an enforced pause. Like when smoking a cigarette, or when the traffic grinds to a halt, or in the waiting room of the doctor’s surgery, or the train is late. You are with your true alone self, and your consciousness and subconsciousness kinda converge. Having a pen or a guitar in reach is important to me in these moments.

Slow Dancer Tour

9/18 @ Mercury Lounge – New York, NY
9/21 @ The Sinclair – Boston, MA
9/22 @ Gateway City Arts – Holyoke, MA
9/23 @ O Patro Vys – Montreal, QC
9/27 @ The Drake Hotel – Toronto, ON
9/29 @ The Hideout – Chicago, IL
9/30 @ Icehouse MPLS – Minneapolis, MN
10/3 @ Barboza– Seattle, WA
10/4 @ Doug Fir Lounge – Portland, OR
10/7 @ Cafe du Nord @ Swedish American Hall – San Francisco, CA
10/9 @ Resident – Los Angeles, CA
10/10 @ The Hotel Cafe – Los Angeles, CA