Nova Miller is no ordinary sixteen year old. She’s gifted with an incredible five octave vocal range, and she’s a multi-instrumentalist and has some amazing dance skills. She has a retro pop swag, and her soulful vocal and storytelling lyrics separate her from her peers. She’s finally going to make her debut in the US, and you can win tickets!

Nova Miller will be playing at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles on August 10th! To enter: download the Thrillcall app, set your location to Los Angeles, locate the giveaway, and follow the on-screen prompts.

Nova Miller

See Nova Miller live at Hotel Cafe on 8/10!

Thrillcall: You are playing your very first US show at Hotel Cafe on August 10th! What does this experience mean to you? 

Nova MillerYes, it’s really exciting! First of all, I hope to have a really good time, connect with international fans and hope that this will mark the beginning of an epic musical journey. It’s especially exciting to be playing in such a legendary venue in Hollywood.


TC: This may be your first show in America, but you filmed the music video for “Singin in the Rain” in Los Angeles. Are you excited to be back? 

NM: That’s right! I really have a special connection to LA. From the first time I came here, I felt like this was where I belonged. I’m a few years older since we were here last so I see things a little differently and my music has grown so much since “Singin in the Rain” so I feel like that brings a whole new energy and purpose to this trip.

TC: I heard that you once met John Legend and spoke with him about writing songs together in the future. Dish!

NM: My manager is good friends with John so she introduced us and he told me he’s a big fan of my music so hopefully that will happen but he’s a busy guy. My favorite artists are Bruno Mars, Frank Ocean, The Weeknd but I really try to listen to who my favorite artists are inspired by. Like I know Bruno Mars was a big fan of Michael Jackson and Michael Jackson loved James Brown. I like to do my homework 😉

See Nova Miller live at Hotel Cafe on 8/10!

TC: You are an anti-bullying activist, with some of your songs even reflecting a positive attitude like “So Good.” For those that aren’t familiar with the symbolic crown you wear, can you explain what it means to you? 

NM: My crown is really just an affirmation to keep my head up. As people, especially creative people you’re exposed to all kinds of criticism and expectations. I started wearing a crown during a time in my life where I was getting so badly bullied that I would faint in school. But when I would make music, I would put my crown on and it would give me the confidence to remind myself of who I am and what I have to offer. It became a very symbolic and beautiful thing for me.


TC: You’re a busy woman, so you have to tell us: what can we expect next from you? 

NM: I’m really excited to say that my single “Anything For U” will be released on August 18th worldwide along with the music video on the same day! The song has a really cool, retro pop feel and is a nod to that funky era. The bassline is sick and I cannot wait for the world to hear it. I’m also really serving up some vocals in this song which were so fun to record. I can’t wait for people to hear it and I hope they love it as much as I do!