Beloved rock band Third Eye Blind is currently out on tour, and Thrillcall is giving out a pair of tickets to each show! We also had a chance to speak with guitarist Kryz Reid about the tour and the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut record, which fans can hear played in full live at the Greek in Berkeley, CA. Read it below, and find links to the giveaways below as well.

Win tickets to see Third Eye Blind on tour!

Third Eye Blind

Thrillcall: The band’s debut album has just been re-released with some extra tracks for longtime fans. You weren’t with the band when the album was released, but it must be fun to celebrate it now along with fans.

Kryz Reid: It’s a lot of fun seeing the fans reaction to hearing what is for them such an important part of their lives. Either growing up, or coming to the first record through other avenues, it’s a piece of work that’s really timeless for so many people.

I never heard of Third Eye Blind when I was growing up in Dublin, Ireland. They weren’t really well known in Ireland, so I discovered the music when I was asked by Brad to join the group. I had known Brad for years and we played together in a band in Los Angeles, but I never knew about his other band. I mean, I knew he played in another band, but even when someone told me the name years ago, it didn’t mean anything to me, so it didn’t resonate. But people’s reaction to hearing the whole first record being played through every night on this tour has been incredible to be a part of.

TC: For the first and last time, Third Eye Blind will perform the self-titled cover to cover in front of a hometown crowd in Berkeley. Are you guys prepared for what will inevitably be a massive and wild party?

KR: The end of tour party after the show in Berkeley will be one for the books haha. We’re as prepared as ever I guess. We focus on the shows so much that we become a balletic machine of sorts. By the time we get to Berkeley, all the moving parts of this are so dialed in, it’s murderous.

In terms of performing the first record the whole way through, we haven’t done it before because, well it wasn’t the 20th anniversary haha. Also, since I’ve been with the band, we’ve always tried to make sure we represent all of the records, in part, in our sets. Moving forward, after the SummerGods tour is done, we’ll be moving back to that model. We’re recording a new record and we’ll be touring the whole rest of the year, so we’ll be throwing in stuff as randomly as ever, but we won’t be playing the whole first record.

Win tickets to see Third Eye Blind on tour!

TC: Despite all the focus on the 20th anniversary of an old record, Third Eye Blind keeps moving forward, putting out new music as recently as last year, when you released the EP We Are Drugs. You’ve been in the band for nearly a decade now yourself; what keeps your fire burning?

KR: The music really. The desire to do it. I’m a bit of a creation junkie, so I write music all the time, I make little movies of our days on tour for my YouTube channel, so I’m always looking for a creative outlet. I went to art school, I worked as a chef since I was 14, I draw and paint when I have the time. For me it’s always been a part of my make up really, so I need very little encouragement to keep that fire burning.

TC: Third Eye Blind’s political agenda was never too hidden and another political song made it onto that 2016 EP called “Cop vs Phone Girl,” about the 2015 incident when a police deputy forcibly removed a young girl from her classroom because she had been using her phone during class. Can you discuss the process of writing and recording the track?

KR: That song was written musically some time before that incident happened, then Stephan came up with the lyrics I think the week that the reporting on that occurred. I’m not entirely sure of the timeline on that, but the recording schedule for the song and the release schedule of it was all planned out. The fact that we ended up playing a fund raiser in Cleveland the same night as the RNC was on was entirely a coincidence. And the song coming out and us trending number 1 on Twitter at the same time…all by complete chance.

Stephan has never shied away from voicing his opinions political or otherwise. It was interesting for us to see people’s reactions to that song, because suddenly it seems as though everyone has woken up to the politics that have been around them for years. Longtime fans of the band were not at all surprised to hear the content in Cop Vs Phonegirl, I mean they’ve been listening to Stephan’s lyrics for years, so they know what side of the fence he sits on.

TC: With the Trump administration undoing significant progressive policies at the Federal level, can we expect more activism from Third Eye Blind in the future?

KR: You can always count on Stephan hold up a mirror to what he feels are bad ideas, or bad policies etc. In terms of activism, I guess that depends really on what’s upcoming for the band and what political climate we all find ourselves in over the next 8 years. We are really focusing on recording new music and getting out there to play it for people. As soon as we finish up the Summergods tour, we’ll take a few weeks off, then we’ll be starting work on the new record, then we do a European tour, then back here for a Fall tour. See you out there.

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Third Eye Blind Tour

7/9 @ Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn at White River State Park – Indianapolis, IN
7/11 @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre – Maryland Heights, MO
7/12 @ Arkansas Music Pavilion – Fayetteville, AR
7/14 @ The Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion – Woodlands, TX
7/15 @ Starplex Pavilion – Dallas, TX
7/16 @ Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena – Zephyr Cove, NV
7/18 @ Comerica Theatre – Phoenix, AZ
7/19 @ Saint Rocke – Hermosa Beach, CA
7/20 @ Greek Theatre – Los Angeles, CA
7/21 @ Cal Coat Credit Union Open Air Theatre – San Diego, CA
7/22 @ The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel – Las Vegas, NV
7/23 @ The Greek – Berkeley, CA