St. Louis songwriter Pokey LaFarge has a new album, Manic Revelations, and we’ve got tickets to give away for his upcoming shows. We caught up with Pokey in the middle of the tour to ask about the record, life on the road, and what’s in store for 2017. 

Thrillcall: Hi Pokey, thanks for taking the time to chat and congrats on the new record. Can you tell us a little bit about what “Manic Revelations” means?
Pokey LaFarge: Reaping creative fruits from a curiosity fueled, functional insanity.

Though your music often contains a nod to tradition, the lyrics on this record especially root it firmly in the present. What was the process behind that?
Just write what comes to me. I’m certainly no stranger to upbeat material. The motivation behind this album was creating more space for my writing, to move people emotionally , while still being able to make music that moves people rhythmically.

There’s an urgency to this record that’s very powerful with songs like “Riot In The Streets.” What’s the story behind that song?
The two sides so firmly entrenched leave no room for debate. Most people are in the middle. Life itself is not black and white, it’s grey. I can’t speak from the point of a person of color or a cop. Only me.

You’re heading out on tour in support of the record. What’s life on the road like for you and the band?
Depends who you ask. Generally it’s sitting in a bus, passing the time, before eating hummus, bananas, and drinking beer, and then playing a show.

What does the rest of 2017 have in store for you?
More of the same: touring, writing, making friends, forgetting names.

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