Bombadil has had a long and storied career, filled with camaraderie, carpal tunnel, and lots and lots of earnest music. Earlier this year, they released their sixth studio album, Fences, which is a beautiful and simple folk record–which is exactly what they wanted after a few hectic years. They used to be a quartet that dwindled to a duo, but are back on the road as a trio with a new face and the same sweet tunes; see the full list of tour dates below! Thrillcall is giving away tickets to each date along the way. Download the app, set your location, and enter to win!


Win tickets to dates along Bombadil’s tour!

Thrillcall: Congratulations on Fences, it is a musical and personal feat, from what I’ve read about your past few years as a band. How does it feel to have the record out, and to be able to, in a sense, put the past behind you?

Bombadil: It feels great to have the record out. We carried these songs around for two years and worked long and hard to make the best possible album that we could. We had many amazing experiences during that process. Highlights were:

  • walking on a frozen pond and building fires every day in a farmhouse in Littleton, MA as we demoed the record
  • amazing meals in the Mission with our producer John Vanderslice in San Francisco, CA
  • getting together every afternoon in James’ attic studio in Durham, NC to slowly work on the record

TC: When putting together Fences, you enlisted the help of “an old friend and data scientist, Nasir Bhanpuri, to analyze the success of our old catalog of songs and make suggestions to guide our writing and arranging.” How different was the songwriting process once you threw statistics in?

B: Nasir played an important role in providing feedback to us with these songs, but the songwriting process itself did not really change all that much. We wanted to write simple, acoustic, emotionally-direct songs that would express our feelings and hopefully resonate with Bombadil fans.

TC: Your newest band member, Stacy Harden, joined the band based on his childhood love for its music. Many years ago, drummer James Phillips was added to the lineup amid similar circumstances. Will Bombadil become the Spiderman of music, changing the face under the mask but never giving up your oath to rid the world of injustice?

B: Wasn’t Spider-Man always Peter Parker? Did we miss a run of the comics? (ed. note: depends on which storylines you consider canon. This was not a trick question!) Stacy is more into Wolverine anyway. In all seriousness, the thing that keeps Bombadil together is a shared passion for vocal harmonies and songwriting. And we would never give up on our oath to rid the world of injustice.

TC: Bombadil has always been a touring band, typically playing until your hands fall off. Are you excited to go back out with new material and a new lineup?

B: Yes, we love playing live shows, and are particularly proud of the arrangements we’ve put together for songs from Fences.

TC: Finally, as you guys get ready to be in that touring headspace, what are your favorite albums to listen to on the road? Who are your favorite new artists recently?

B: We don’t listen to a lot of music on the radio, and instead are big podcast fans. Our favorites are Reply All, Marketplace, This American Life, Song Exploder, and are excited to listen to S-Town on this tour. Our favorite new artists are Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith and Futur Primitif.

Win tickets to dates along Bombadil’s tour!

Bombadil Tour Dates

Apr 4 – Boston, MA @ The Red Room @ Cafe 939
Apr 5 – New York, NY @ Mercury Lounge
Apr 7 – Akron, OH @ Musica
Apr 8 – Chicago, IL @ Lincoln Hall + Schubas
Apr 9 – Minneapolis, MN @ Bryant Lake Bowl & Theater
Apr 11 – Madison, WI @ The Frequency
Apr 12 – St. Louis, MO @ Off Broadway
Apr 13 – Louisville, KY @ Zanzabar
Apr 14 – Knoxville, TN @ Open Chord / All Things Music
Aprl 15 – Charlotte, NC @ Neighborhood Theatre
Apr 26 – Decatur, GA @ Eddie’s Attic
Apr 27 – Athens, GA @ Caledonia Lounge
Apr 28 – Nashville, TN @ The Basement
Apr 29 – Johnson City, TN @ The Willow Tree