If you’re a native of the UK, you probably know The Score subconsciously from the popular grocery chain, Asda’s advert that ran frequently a few summers ago. If you’re living in LA, you can probably name that song (“Oh My Love”!) and several others from their back catalogue, especially if you’re a live music fan; the band has established themselves after playing many of the most iconic venues around the city. They have some new music coming, which you can read about in our exclusive interview below. And don’t miss their show tomorrow at Amplyfi!

The Score will play Amplyfi in LA this Friday, 3/31! Find tickets here.

the score


Thrillcall: For being a two-man operation, you guys sure do have a big sound. Who do you consider to be your influences?

The Score: The music we’re making right now definitely pulls from a bunch of different bands and genres. We love the big drums of bands like Imagine Dragons and how their songs are so anthemic. We also love the guitar tones of bands like The Black Keys and Kaleo, so we try to incorporate those guitar sounds especially on this newer music.

TC: Your career had been steadily growing for awhile, but you seemed to blow up when the British supermarket chain Asda used “Oh My Love” in their ad campaign . How did it feel to have earned notoriety practically overnight in a market that you weren’t familiar with?

TS: That was surreal for us. Neither of us had ever been to the U.K., so to hear one of the biggest super market chains out there was using our song for their whole summer campaign it was crazy. Playing our first headline show in London was when it really hit us because it showed us that music could connect people no matter where you’re from.

See The Score live at Amplyfi on March 31st!

TC: A few weeks after the inauguration in January, you released a song called “Revolution”; were you intending to make a statement? Do you plan to become more political in the coming months?

TS: We had written “Revolution” with 2 friends of ours (Todd Clark and Derek Fuhrman) a few months prior to to it being released actually. We wanted “Revolution” to be for anyone who wanted to start change from within themselves. It was more of a call to action song for anyone that is down but not out. We never planned on it being a political song but it’s amazing how different people can interpret music, which is one of the beautiful things about it.

TC: What are the next plans for The Score? New music? Tour? Something unexpected?

TS: We recently just had our song “Unstoppable” featured in the new Power Rangers movie and got to go to the premiere so that was pretty awesome hearing our song in a major movie. We’re releasing a new EP called “Myths and Legends” later in April which we’re so excited to put out.