Fort Worth, TX alternative rock band The Unlikely Candidates release the excellent Bed Of Liars EP tomorrow following two strong singles “Your Love Could Start a War” and “Ringer”. We’re offering ticket giveaways for their upcoming tour and caught up with lead singer Kyle Morris before the band kicked off their tour down to South By Southwest.

You’re about to release Bed Of Liars EP and both singles have received a lot of radio play. What are you most excited about for the release? Any plans for a full-length coming up?

It’s really just great to be able to get music out. Until a year ago, it had been over three years before we had released anything. We have grown a lot and have developed our own unique style and sound. The Follow My Feet EP was a very young incarnation of this band. We finally get to show the world who we really are and what we have been doing with our lives for the past four years.

The way things usually go, is that you release a single, then an EP, then a second single, and then an LP. So we are at step two. We have more than enough material and an outline of what we would release.

You’re from Texas, but your sound draws from a much wider array of rock music than just Southern or country. What are your biggest influences as a band?

Yeah, there is a lot of that in Texas. I am sure maybe some of it bled through, but it was not deliberate. I do love some Robert Earl Keen though. Some great songwriters from Texas. As a band we all very love different stuff, but I am sure that we could all agree that we love The Strokes.

You’re SXSW veterans by now. What’s your favorite thing about the festival? Any taco tips for first-timers?

The free booze and just the chaotic energy of it all. So much going on, bands everywhere. Go under 35 on East 6th away from downtown and just keep going until you find the food trucks. Either that or Chuy’s is pretty good. If you go down the other way, there is an amazing bratwurst place at 6th and Brazos called The Best Wurst.

As you kick off another tour, what’s life on the road like for you guys? What are your favorite venues and cities to play?

It’s a lot of driving, eating bad food, waiting around, and drinking too much. All worth it for the shows though. We love playing Denver. Always gets pretty crazy and people love us up there. Philly as well is always fun. As far as venues, there is a place called The Pageant in St. Louis that is massive and awesome, and a venue in Portland called the Crystal Ballroom that has a bouncy wooden floor and bizarre paintings on the walls.

What does 2017 hold for The Unlikely Candidates?

Hopefully more music coming out and more touring!

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