Nashville based alternative rock band Goodbye June released Danger In The Morning EP at the end of last year and are hitting the road for the next few months. We’re offering ticket giveaways for select shows and chatted with the band about their upcoming record, life on the road, and what 2017 holds for Goodbye June.


Thrillcall: Though you’re based in Nashville and clearly rooted in Southern music, the band grew up scattered in the South and Midwest, which has it’s own rich songwriting tradition. What are the major influences that make up Goodbye June?

Goodbye June: We grew up listening to 70’s rock (Zep, CCR, ZZ Top), black gospel (Andrae Crouch, Kirk Franklin) and southern gospel (Cathedrals, Gaither Vocal Band) in our homes. Later we all played music in church which taught us a lot about moving people and emotion in music. You can hear traces of these influences scattered throughout our songs.


You just released Danger In The Morning EP recently, and it seems like you’re already back at work on a full length due out this year – will this be a whole new set of songs, or is there some crossover? Should we be expecting new things, sonically or thematically, on the new record?


There will be a few songs that crossover but it will be mostly new music. I think the EP is a nice cross section of what to expect on the album. There are a few new tunes that I think reach to new sonic territories that fans of our EP will be excited about. It’s all from the same producer/recording sessions, so it will be live, raw, and real.


You spent much of the last few months of 2016 on the road and are about to head out again. What’s life on the road like for you and where are your favorite cities to play?


The road can wear you down after awhile but you always snap out of it the moment you see the crowd, or someone singing along. That time on stage makes the long hours of travel the night before worth it. One city that sticks out is Cangas Spain as one of our favorites. The spaniards know how to attend a rock concert.


You just made the big step up, signing with Interscope Records. Has this been a transition for you guys or does it seem pretty natural part of your rise?


Interscope coming on board was a big moment in the natural rise. We’ve been steadily growing since we moved to Nashville back in 2009 so I think they joined the team at the right time to help us release this record and push forward.


What does 2017 hold for Goodbye June?


-New record


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