Anna Rose

If you are near one of Anna Rose‘s tour stops this fall, take advantage of the opportunity to see her perform. She has a beautifully brusque voice that shines against her bluesy rock and roll and makes for a great live show. We got the chance to speak with Anna Rose about her new EP and music video for her single “Start a War”; read the full interview below! And if you’re in LA, we’re giving away tickets to her show at the Mint on 10/7- enter now!

Win a pair of tickets to see Anna Rose this Friday at the Mint!

Thrillcall: You just released Strays in the Cut, a new EP out on Noble Steed. You have said that you gave yourself more freedom to “push [your] ability as a writer and artist.” What did you do differently on this EP versus your past releases?

Anna Rose: I think just the obstacle of creating an EP instead of a full-length record was a fun challenge. As a writer, sometimes it’s hard for me to let go of a song that may be meaningful personally but doesn’t work within the whole flow of the album. I wrote somewhere around 20 songs that were all worthy of being released, but these 6 said something very particular and fit nicely as a group. I also wanted to step outside of my comfort zone sonically, so I played around with some new instruments and tried some fresh production approaches.

T: Touring is an essential part of every musician’s life, but your live shows in particular have such a great energy that can’t be captured in a studio recording. What’s your favorite part of playing live?

AR: Playing a live show is all about the energy created between the performers and the audience. It’s about being completely in that moment. To me, it’s almost a meditation. The whole thing is my favorite part.


T: Instead of conjuring up images of destruction, the instrumentation and lyrics of your single “Start a War” draw attention to the individuality of conflict. You told Interview Magazine that you felt like you were fighting for your career when you wrote this song; are you still fighting or would you say you have been victorious in that battle?

AR: I feel like I’m still fighting. I think I’ll always feel that way. I fight to make the best recordings I possibly can. I fight to be heard, somehow. I fight to put on the best live show I can. Really, the battle is always with myself. The struggle is to constantly grow and improve and make music that makes people feel something.


T: The director for the video for “Start a War,” Shruti Ganguly, describes the clip as a rebirth of sorts in the life of a man who has just become unemployed but realizes new opportunities await him. When have you felt this type of rebirth in your life?

AR: I very much felt that kind of rebirth while I was making Strays. The record that I had made before this one, called Behold A Pale Horse, had been such a labor of love. I put everything I had into that album, it seemed like the buzz was there, but it just didn’t take off the way I had imagined. I felt like I failed. There was a choice in that moment, to quit or to keep going. The decision to keep pursuing my dreams fueled my writing and pushed me to new creative places. Using that feeling of failure as a stepping stone was what birthed this album.

Win a pair of tickets to see Anna Rose this Friday at the Mint!

T: Your next release is reportedly going to be a “partner in crime” EP alongside Strays in the Cut. What can we expect from that upcoming project?

AR: There will be new music. That’s all I’m going to tell you, for now!