Carl Broemel (guitar, pedal steel, and saxophone in My Morning Jacket) just released his excellent new solo record 4th of July. He’s touring the U.S. in support of the record and we’re excited to offer ticket giveaways for select shows this October!


“I didn’t have to do this,” says Carl Broemel, referring to his new solo album, 4th of July, which will be released August 19 on Stocks in Asia/Thirty Tigers. As a member of My Morning Jacket, Broemel spent the past few years working rock ’n’ roll hours (that is to say, 24/7) with his bandmates to help establish MMJ as one of the best live rock bands currently in the game. Their combined efforts proved successful.

During downtime between album and tour cycles, when he could’ve opted to vacation or catch up on sleep, Broemel instead booked studio sessions in Nashville and, over a four year span of these tiny windows, recorded the sprawling collection of songs that form 4th of July. “I knew that if I booked studio time and had people there that were ready to play, then I would get down to it and stay up late and write songs, so I’d have material ready to record with them.”  Without a deadline, Broemel was able to engage his creative impulses within a space absent of all expectation.

My Morning Jacket’s Bo Koster co-wrote several of the songs, including one (“Best Of”) that he and Broemel kind of just stumbled upon during a recording session for MMJ’s 2010 album, Circuital. And their Jacket bandmate Tom Blankenship plays on a number of tracks, recorded after he moved to Nashville. In Broemel’s words, “There’s just no other bass player in the world that I like more. I can’t even explain it.” The record also sees guest appearances by Neko Case, Laura Veirs, Russ Pollard, Shelly Colvin, Richard Medek and Jordan Caress. On the other side of the glass, Teddy Morgan (who produced Broemel’s previous effort) returned to co-produce.

The process of making a solo album in which he chose to be 100% hands-on, from top to bottom, inspired Broemel to not only release the album independently, but even create his own indie label — Stocks in Asia. “For me,” he explains, “it’s not about comparing or competing with anything. If anything, this album is just me trying to compete with my own abilities — it was a challenge to do it on my own.” (

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