Jordy van Egmond is best known by his stage name, Dyro, under which he is an internationally famed Dutch producer and DJ. His career had an explosive start, when compatriot Laidback Luke took notice of his beats online, only to be taken under the wing of another fellow Hollander, Hardwell. From there, he has released countless tracks; begun his own label, WOLV Records; and consistently maintained a spot in the top 30 of DJ Mag’s influential Top 100 DJs list.

Dyro will be spinning at Create Nightclub in LA this Friday! Read our interview with him below and enter to win tickets to the show here. To enter: download the Thrillcall app, select LA as your location, then find the giveaway and follow the on-screen instructions.

Thrillcall: As an Amsterdam native, you would probably agree that you are from one of the best cities in the world for electronic music at the moment. What are the biggest differences you’ve noticed between the dance communities in the US and in Holland?

DyroThe big-room, more commercial sound has really taken off in the US these past few years, but the US has embraced weirder and darker sounds a lot more. The whole trap and dubstep scenes are getting more and more experimental in the US than Holland for sure, the scene over there seems a lot freer, rather than following a certain style that might be working in Europe but isn’t unique.


T: You got your start tinkering on your laptop in your bedroom, but graduated to DJing live, which has you touring across the globe. How has the collaboration process changed for you since your bedroom producer days?

D: They say if you practice something for 10,000 hours you become the master of it – I felt like I was on my way to becoming the master when I was starting out! Collaborations have become more difficult because I’m travelling so much, trying to finish projects but give my best at shows, long hours, being away from friends and family. That’s how it has all changed since I first started out but I know I’m lucky to be performing where I am. To be able to have the freedom to experiment and stay true to myself with my work, is the best feeling an artist can have.

T: You have played countless festivals across several continents. What has been your favorite festival experience?

D: This year would have to be playing the mainstage at ULTRA Miami back in March. ULTRA has a cool vibe, everyone from the industry visits over Music Week and to be able to play some harder sounds and exclusives from my label WOLV was really fun, the crowd had so much energy that it really felt like a moment for me. Also I recently played Sziget Festival which was on my bucket list. It was one of the best atmospheres I’ve ever experienced.

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T: Your label, WOLV Records, has had a lot of success in the two years since it was founded. How has WOLV affected how you make music, now that you are on both sides of the business?

D: I still make music using similar processes and software that I used to – like at the moment, I need a new laptop but everyone keeps telling me to buy a mac, but I can’t with the software I’m using. But running WOLV gives me complete control on what we release, the artists we choose to release with and I also want to help the younger guys where I can, you know? Running the label gives me the chance to experience the business from all angles, although I’ve always been very involved with all sides of what I do.


T: In an interview you gave with Magnetic Mag, you describe your love for EPs, which allow for more “freedom” compared to a single release. What about a full-length LP- any plans to release one of those anytime soon? 

D: I don’t plan on releasing a full LP any time soon, I don’t want to rush into a statement like that. My ‘Set Me Free’ EP was to really show everyone the direction that I wanted to head in, which is why there hasn’t been a lot of music from me recently. I’m working on a release and I have about 7 or 8 darker, more experimental tracks ready. It’s now about putting the foundations together for when we want to drop that. I’m concentrating on finalising those releases and then I’m touring all across Asia September after some US dates, always great playing over there!