Japanese pop visionaries Sekai No Owari are bringing their inventive music and unparalleled stage design to the United States for the first time and Thrillcall can hook you up with free tickets. Before their shows at The Roxy in Los Angeles on 8/17 and Bowery Ballroom in New York on 8/23, we chatted with the band about their “Tokyo Fantasy” live show and their first trip to the States.


Thrillcall: Let’s start with your first shows here in America. How does it feel to play here for the first time and have such a large international audience? What are you most looking forward to in NY and LA?

Sekai No Owari: I’m very excited about our very first shows in the US. We are all truly looking forward to performing in front of the new audience, which will be different from what we are used to in Japan. Besides our debut shows, I can’t for IN & OUT in LA and Shake Shack in NY! – DJ LOVE

TC: Sekai No Owari translates to “End of the World”. Where did the band name come from and what is the meaning behind it?

SNO: When I was 17, I was going through a rough time – I really felt I was at the end of the world. And that was when I found music with my friends. So our music began at the end of the world. – Fukase

TC: A huge part of your live show is the visual design of your stage set up. Tell us a little about “Tokyo Fantasy”, your “mind-bending tree-house” concept, and what fans can expect at these two shows.

SNO: Our concept was to embody the sceneries that Fukase saw in his dreams. The unique visual design of the stage setup comes from Fukase’s creative view that was growing in his head. For this upcoming show, unfortunately we aren’t able to bring the same conceptual stage set up because it’s a smaller intimate setting, but we are fully committed to perform our shows that we can only do in the States. – Saori

TC: You were childhood friends first, before forming the band. How have your relationships grown, personally and creatively, as the band achieves more success in Japan and across the world?

SNO: All of us are Fukase’s friends in common. Fukase and I went have known each other since elementary school, DJ LOVE and Fukase met in high school, and Saori’s known Fukase since kindergarten. We’ve always been good friends but our friendship grew even deeper as we started playing music together, and now we are like one family. We live together in a shared house too. Even when we’re in the States, we rent a house together and still keep it the same way. The more we spend time together the better for us because we can always talk about making music. We often go out together so we have the same experiences and memories; we share the similar vibes so we click right away. Keeping ourselves communicating closely helps us through our creative process. No matter where we are, in or outside Japan, we keep in mind to challenge ourselves to push forward. – Nakajin

TC: What does 2016 and 2017 hold for Sekai No Owari?

SNO: We’re currently working on our new album in English. When the album is ready, we can’t wait to go meet new audiences in different countries. That’ll be our new fun memory together as a group and I look forward to it. – Fukase