Nina Las Vegas

photo credit: Wilk

Using the American City of Sin as her namesake, Nina Las Vegas is a prominent Australian DJ and tastemaker. She was a host on the influential Triple J radio station for 11 years, but has always been a club kid, spinning a few events a night in her heyday. These days, though, she has turned to focus on her own music career and her brand new record label, aptly called NLV. Nina is traveling across the US and we are giving away tickets to her shows in Chicago and Los Angelesdownload the app to enter!

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Thrillcall: Hi Nina! Thanks for speaking with us. You became well known for being a DJ and radio host on the Aussie juggernaut, Triple J, but you recently have released your first solo tracks on your record label, NLV Records. Which is better: being the creator or the curator?

Nina Las VegasI love both for different reasons. I need to spend time on my label to release and push other club music that I believe in to create a cool environment for my songs. I love writing too, but I’m getting used to being a creative. The expectations on yourself can really daunting. Having said that, you just have to write songs that you will ALWAYS love.

T: You’re about to depart on a tour through the US promoting your new music and label. What are the most noticeable differences between Australian and American audiences?

NLV: There are SO many more people in America than Australia. I don’t think people realise how small Australia is! We all know each other, kids go to the same club shows and niche markets are super small. I push an alternative club sound so logistically there are more people in America that like the music I make and release, which is exciting!

T: You’re obviously a huge participant in the music scene, but you also use your voice to discuss social justice issues. You even co-founded Heaps Decent, an organization that benefits marginalized and disadvantaged Australian youth. Is this something you’d like to do more of, or is creating music a main focus for now?

NLV: I still am on the board of Directors for Heaps Decent, I share a studio with the guys and go to workshops when I’m in Sydney. I’m committed to the organisations survival (it’s a tough time to be in the arts industry in Australia right now) and have plans to share there achievements and music more and more in the future!

T: Finally, I’m gonna put you on the spot: what are your top tracks or artists at the moment?

NLV: I love Hi Tom, Strict Face, UNIIQU3 and Swick. I’m really into the new Tory Lanez track “Luv” and am all about AJ Tracey and Novelist out of the UK’s grime scene.