Thrillcall wins 2016 Appy Award

On May 17, 2016 Thrillcall was announced as the winner of the 2016 Appy Award for best Event app! Jacob Moyers of Thrillcall was there to accept the award. Read more about the award here.


The Appy Awards recognized the Thrillcall app for its innovation and for reimagining the concert-going experience. The Thrillcall iOS app lets you browse live music by artist, location or date, preview songs, purchase tickets and enter to win free concert experiences in one seamless mobile experience. Since nearly 40% of people surveyed don’t attend concerts because they were not aware of them, Thrillcall serves as a dynamic preference collector and notification utility. The app recommends shows based on a user’s social media preferences and music streaming service activity: iTunes, Spotify, Last.FM and Deezer as well as Facebook and Twitter. The Thrillcall app also provides phone & email notifications when tracked artists put tickets on sale or announce shows.

Founded in 2011 by Media Post, The Appys honor extraordinary Applications on all platforms: mobile, social and web-based. The Appy Awards are unbiased to App’s format, platform or device; instead the focus is on the best apps in a diverse range of categories.

This year, the Appy Awards took place on May 17, 2016 in New York City. “Thrillcall & WillowTree have worked together on our iPhone App since I met Tobias Dengel, WillowTree’s CEO, at a conference in 2012,” said Jonathan Leone, Thrillcall CEO. “We have a strong partnership WillowTree where the two companies augment each other’s experience, teach each other skills and push the boundaries of iOS capabilities. This has been evident the number of awards and award nominations that the Thrillcall iOS app has garnered through its evolution.”

All 2016 finalists can be viewed here. More information on Thrillcall’s win can be read here. To check out the Thrillcall app for yourself, download for free on iOS & Android here.