If you are like most of America, you have been keeping tabs on the production of the new Star Wars episode for months, maybe years. The Force Awakens is the seventh installment in the enormously popular saga, and it is finally out today. We here at Thrillcall could not resist the excitement, so we’ve compiled some fun facts about the series’ iconic music and composer, John Williams. Enjoy the movie, and may the Force be with you!

    1. John Williams co-wrote a track with Paul Williams called “Dream Away,” which was recorded by Frank Sinatra. The track appeared on the album, Ol’ Blue Eyes Is Back, which was released in 1973, the first record after Sinatra came out of his (albeit short) retirement. The album turned out to be commercially successful, peaking at 13 on the Billboard charts, but the break did result in some problems with his voice. Also, the Williamses are not related, though John has said that he is quite fond of Paul, and has worked with him on other projects.
    2. The music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic conducted the opening and closing themes for The Force Awakens. Gustavo Dudamel is Venezuelan conductor who also is the music director of the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. He began serving as the music director at the LA Phil in 2009. The main character in Amazon’s Globe-nominated series, Mozart in the Jungle, is based in part on Dudamel. Coincidentally, he has called Williams “the Mozart of our day.”
    3. John Williams is one award shy of an EGOT. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that John Williams’ scores, which have remained at the forefront of pop culture for decades, have also won countless awards. For the original 1977 Star Wars film alone, Williams won an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and three Grammys. He has taken home countless other awards for other projects he’s worked on, and been honored by many other organizations for his outstanding work. What I learned recently though, is that he has also won three Emmys. Without that Tony, Williams only has an EGO, but he hasn’t let it get to his head.
    4. Darth Vader originally had his own theme. It is widely accepted that Darth Vader’s unofficial theme is the Imperial March, but did you know he was supposed to have an official theme? Listen to it below!

    5. The music of Star Wars helps to make colonoscopies more effective. Yup, according to a study published by the Medical Journal of Australia, when patients listen to random selections of the Star Wars score, their procedures run more smoothly than average. I don’t want to talk about it more than that, but you get it. Listen to more Star Wars. End of story. 


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