Mike Relm has to be one of the coolest dj’s around. I mean you know  you’re good when you perform Coachella, Bonnaroo, Voodoo, Treasure Island, and go on tour with The Blue Man group!! I mean who are we kidding, you could put on a Mike Relm mix on at a staff meeting and there would still be a party that rival any party the Kool Aid guy started. His YouTube channel has millions of views and tons of cool remixes so we suggest you check it out here. We recently had the amazing opportunity to chat with I’m and his views on Music/Tech, the state of the industry, and Taylor Swift. Read on, and celebrate Mike Relm.


Can you give a brief description on what someone can expect to see from you at a live show? 

Lots of music styles, lots of film/tv genres. Lots of fun!


How did you get into mixing, what do you feel like is special about the way you do things? 

I got into really through my love of music. I started DJing in high school, which was perfect since I had no life and it was a great way to get SORT OF invited to parties. It’s hard for me to pinpoint what’s so special about what I do, except I try to constantly keep things interesting for everyone from the casual fan to hard core film/music buff.


Is there a moment that you view as a huge highlight in  your career? Tours? Shows? Licensing? Awards? 

I’ve been incredibly fortunate this whole time to be surrounded by zero whack people, and that’s helped me stay happy throughout my career. I’ve toured with Del the Funky Homosapien, Mike Patton, Blue Man Group, Tony Hawk to name a few. Coachella was surreal, as was the Pan Am Games closing ceremony. Creating a TV ad in my style for Iron Man 2 for Jon Favreau was amazing, partly because for so many years we were pitching my video remix style to so many marketing agencies and getting shut down cold. I also won a Webby Award for my work with Lionsgate. I directed the Jabbawockeez’ first official music video, which was as awesome as one would expect.


What do you think is the current state of the music industry? It’s the digital age, how do you feel tech is changing music?

I think tech changed music more than anyone really expected it to. It’s to the point where, if you don’t have a pretty solid digital plan you just sound like a dinosaur. Aside from social media and marketing, technology has given musicians access to recording equipment that 20 years ago would have been way out of their price range. There was literally no way to do what I do live 7 years ago (scratching music and visuals). I think we’re in a stage of exponential growth of styles and sub-genre, which is very exciting.


You’ve won a Webby award which is generally reserved for websites and tech co was this a surprise to you or did you feel like it made sense?

It was a surprise…that made sense! The tech industry is very good about embracing new good ideas in entertainment, and the Webby Awards are the epitome of that world.


How does tech play into what you do? Do you use an ipad or iphone for any of your music production? Do you feel like its taking away from music at all?

I don’t really use apps for music production, but that’s only because I have a very specific set of needs. Most of my time is spent with Serato Scratch Live, Ableton Live, NI Komplete, and Adobe Production Suite. But if I’m sitting on an airplane, yeah I’m tapping out beats on my iPhone. I don’t feel like it’s taking away from music at all. A dope beat on an iPhone is still a dope beat. Apps are not replacing anything like Pro Tools, but there’s definitely a place for them.


Look at Billboards top ten artists, who would you like to collab with and why?

Taylor Swift, because she’s the LEAST similar to me out of all those people. And that’s not to say that Adam Levine and I have a lot in common.


1. Maroon 5

2. Psy (gangnam style)

3. Taylor Swift


5. Taylor Swift

6. Justin  Bieber Ft. Big Sean

7. Alex Clare

8. Ke$ha

9. Pink

10. Owl City & Carley Ray Jespen


You use a lot of video, anything coming up that we can be excited about? Are there any films that you are excited to mix your music with? 

RIght now I’m working on a remix for a few TV shows, those will probably be my next releases. I can’t say what they are, but you definitely have seen them!


Assuming a giant comet doesn’t hit the earth or something in 2012, what do you have planned for 2013? 

Yeah let’s hope armageddon passes us by. I’ll be hitting the road in 2013 with an all new show! I also have a film project I’m working on that I’m hoping doesn’t get cancelled due to the end of civilization.