With the rise of music and arts festivals across the country, it is clear to see how much
work goes into the events. However it is more than just setting up equipment, stages,
or selling of the tickets, we are now seeing much more going in to the production and
attracting thousands of fans.I am going to look into some well known music festivals and
see how and what technology is used for their festivals.


Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival is held in Golden Gate Park (San Francisco) The
festival attracts around 40-60 thousand and has featuring acts such as Radiohead, Foo
Fighters, Pearl Jam, etc. The festival is part of the green movement and included various
initiatives into making this eco-friendly. The festival has a water and recycling program,
as well as solar power stages; where the lights, sound, stages and vendor tents are
entirely powered through solar power energy. And pumping 120 amps of power at 120
volts, making this the largest solar-powered stage in the country, and more festivals are
beginning to go green across the country.

The Austin City Limits festival, held in Texas, brings around 130 acts over three days to
over 70,000 fans. They have recently launched the mobile app, the app is used primarily
for the festival for finding your favorite acts, it allows you to create your personal schedule
and find new acts before attending the festival. The app is definitely a great way of
finding out about the music and help plan the acts throughout the weekend. The app is
available via iPhone and Android. As well as bringing you all the latest info from Twitter
or Instagram, ACL app also has official merchandise so you can order and pick up at the

Bonaroo is a four day festival of many genres, some acts include Red Hot Chilli Peppers,
The Beach Boys, Johnny Cash, The White Stripes. It is held in Tennessee, Having been
called the “Best Festival” by Rolling Stone. Bonnaroo uses the the RFID wristband, among
some other festivals (Bamboozle, Coachella) you are able to register your wristband
online, giving you access to merchandise discounts, set lists and free music from the
Bonnaroo performers. As you walk through the gates, this technology is aimed not only
to let the festival know you have arrived, but also to help stop ticket fraud allowing only
the fans to attend or buy the ticket. You are also able to load funds onto your wristband
making the weekend a safer experience without having to worry about losing your wallet or
paying extortionate costs at the ATM. As well as all this, it is almost indestructible so you
don’t have to worry about this getting damaged.

Coachella held in Southern California, includes, rock, indie, hip hop and electro acts. This
year Coachella audience was blown away by a hologram of rap legend Tupac, along
side Snoop Dogg, during a performance by Dr. Dre, The Doggfather. It also featured
appearances from Eminem, 50 Cent, Wiz Khalifa and Warren G. Fans were surprised
as the stunt had not been leaked before hand, and 100,000 fans the fans were clearly
pleased, as it truly brought technology to life. The technique was was brought to life by
Hollywood effects; Digital Domain, who has worked on movies such as TRON: Legacy.
The life-size hologram took almost four months to create, certainly showing the ability
of digitally recreating and ‘bringing the star to the stage’.

It appears that more and more festivals are using new and brilliant ways of holding their festivals, and are even doing
there bit for the environment! The use of next generation technology having a huge impact
on not only the fans but the whole festival experience