CMJ hosts an annual festival in New York City showcasing up and comers to industry and and a weekly magazine. Connecting music fans, and industry professionals with the best new music through interactive media, live events and print. CMJ Music Festival in New York City, last year Cantora Labs, (Cantora Records, MGMT, Francis & The Lights)  showed off their tech. Labs’ released an app with Sonic Notify for CMJ called the ‘smart lounge’ app. It allows the downloaders of the app entrance for the event and notifications for concerts, parties and giveaways!

Sonic Notify powered the event through the smartlounge application, partnering with Spotify, Turntable.FM, SoundCloud, Sol Republic and Plus Music. Audio encoding allows the transmission of significant information through any audio system, such as radio, TV or internet. It was emitted throughout the event, triggering contextually relevant content onto the audiences smartphones. Sonic Notify uses sound waves, that are inaudible to the human ear to transmit signals to mobile apps. This new technology was first used and tested for CMJ festival, it was used for New York Fashion week. This year spotify’s partnership with Sonic Notify and CMJ also offers provides a playlist featuring over 100 artists that are confirmed to play the event. This is a great way of connecting fans and musicians through the mobile app, it also free during the concerts!