There are now many music streaming services, some of which allow you to listen
to music online as well as stream from an app on a smartphones or tablet. I took
some research into the top providers, what each service supplies you with, either
through a subscription or just online. The range of music that it provides, when,
where and how you can listen, and other features in order to find the best provider.



Rdio is a music subscription that is available around the world, it opened on August
3, 2010. The website is available and also can be used on a mobile device such as
iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, BlackBerry and Windows devices, allowing you
to play music. It is ad-free and Containing over 12,000,000+ songs. Every track is
playable on demand at any point. With Rdio it is easy to find what you’re looking
for, as well as being able to queue music and play it later.

You can listen to this where ever you are, it is available almost everywhere around
the world, they are reaching out to as many countries as possible. Rdio has a great
range of music from, big names to classics and gives you the chance to discover
new music. It allows you to see the most popular albums in your network and also
explore new music.

You can make a collection of music and share your favorites with your friends, this
easily links to Facebook and Twitter, or blog. It is easy to share and keep notified
by receiving emails when music is shared directly to you, or if someone starts
following you, and reviews your playlist.


MOG is a streaming device that allows you to listen to over 16 million+ songs that
are available at any point, MOG allows you to create, share and discover playlists,
just by dragging an dropping. As well as creating your own playlist, you also get the
opinion from the editors, who can tell you about good or new music, or share their
views on the blog.

You can also take your playlists with you, by downloading the mobile app for
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android, even when you’re offline. Add songs to your
favorites and organize the music you love the most. Not only can you stream from
a device you are able to connect MOG to your car stereo as well as some cars
already having fully-integrated apps that are ready to stream music.


Spotify is a Swedish music streaming service, it offers a selection of music from a
range of independent record labels, including Sony, EMI, Warner Music Group and
Universal. The system is currently accessible through Windows, Mac, IOS, Android,
BlackBerry, Windows Phone, as well as others.

You are able to listen to an unlimited amount of music, for a six month free trial,
after this you have a limit of 10 hours per month. An unlimited subscription ($4.99
PM) then removes advertisements, and a premium subscription ($9.99 PM) gives
you a higher streaming level, offline access to music and mobile apps.


Grooveshark is one of the largest on-demand music streaming and discovery
service.It was launched it 2007 and and now has over 30 million users, Registered
users can save playlists to an account as well as subscribe to other users’ playlists.

With Grooveshark you are able to listen to your favorite music, create playlists and
discover new music, allowing you to share with Facebook, Twitter.

Each of the music streamers are a great way to discover and listen to your favorite
music. Rdio gives you the widest range of music, allowing you to hear about up
coming new artists as well as creating and listening to your own playlist. It is also
ad-free, so you will have no interruptions or distractions when you are trying to
listen to music. Like the others you are able to stream this on a smartphone or
tablet, it gives you updates, and is available on demand almost everywhere.