Since 2010 San Francisco hip-hop veterans have kept our ear’s happy with their take on dance-inspired indie/hip-hop, and now they are back to give us more. Having recently released some new tracks off of their Neverland record they are ready to show the world that they mean business! I recently had a chance to talk to them about their plans for the rest of the year, and some of the craziness that bands encounter on the road. Don’t forget to check them out with Los Rakas at The Independent in San Francisco Friday, September 7th and get free tickets with our app Thrillcall.

Thrillcall: How would you describe your music to someone that has never heard Le Vice?

Le Vice: We’re definitely hard to pin down. It’s basically a blend of everything we like: Hip-hop, indie rock, electro, pop, R&B, ’80s… Depending on the song, you might even catch some baroque influences and jazz, too. We try to make what we would wanna hear.

Thrillcall: You were recently named one of 2012’s top bands to watch. What are your plans for the rest of the year?

Le Vice: Keep pushing our new record, Neverland. Playing more shows, making new fans. You can never do enough of that. We’re just starting a college radio campaign. We’re going to release a couple new singles and hopefully a new video by the end of the year. We also plan on releasing some limited edition Le Vice clothing, and playing some showcases in LA.

Thrillcall: When listening to Le Vice there are a lot of different styles of music incorporated into your songs. What are your top 5 favorite artists right now that influence your sound?

Le Vice: Santigold, Kanye, Grizzly Bear, Janelle Monae, N.E.R.D.

Thrillcall: What is the craziest show story you have?

Le Vice: I think the craziest stories need to be left untold. Lol.

But once on a tour up the west coast and over to Salt Lake City, we played a show in a small town on the way called Grass Valley. They had been playing our record like crazy so we followed the love out there. After the show the bartender liked us so much he let us stay overnight at the bar alone and said we could drink whatever we wanted. We were like fat kids in a candy store. It was fucking awesome. We drank half the bar. Next day we had a day off and drove (well some drove, some puked) over to an old friend of Renzo’s out in the middle of the mountains, and wouldn’t you know it, they ended up having a HUGE weed farm in their house. Like, massive. All the weed and edibles we could handle. Definitely an interesting couple of days… [Le Vice’s bass player] Renzo’s