Tonight at Hotel Utah will feature two amazing Bay Area bands, French Cassettes and Bonnie & the BANG BANG. French Cassettes have been on the Bay Area scene for a few years and have generated quite a following. Their style is very Indie Pop, but each track has a totally different sound, feel, and influences, which is definitely hard to come by in that scene. French Cassettes is also very melodic in their vocal harmonies and definitely a great live show.

If you haven’t listened any Bonnie & the BANG BANG, you need to. Relatively new on the scene, B&tBB is an incredible Bluegrass influenced rock band based in San Francisco and recently featured on SF Station’s “The Lineup”. Patrick James Stiles, while handling a guitar and melodica, spits out lyrics that are insanely thoughtful and deep, will definitely bridge a connection in your brain and leave you singing and toe-tapping while waiting for BART. The rhythm is impeccable, Joe Warren busting out on the guitar and kick drum, Tom Baugh jamming on the piano and synth, and Jake Dineen covering another guitar, banjo, or mandolin with extreme adeptness. You will not want to miss out on Bonnie & the BANG BANG’s live show.

Also on the bill tonight is O Presidente, a very cool psychedelic indie rock band that have been debuting themselves all over the Bay Area scene this summer.

Tonight at Hotel Utah will be awesome, get there with Thrillcall free!