“We’ve come a long way from the Hemlock Tavern,” said Brain King, the guitarist of this year’s buzz band, Japandroids. Japandroids are maximal: a two piece band trying to sound like it’s a five piece band. Their songs run the gauntlet of rock & roll sub-genres with the boys ripping off too many different bands to sound like anyone else making music right now. With little to no emphasis on flash, the band is allowed to do what they do best, get loud.

Commanding a mosh pit the majority of the night and playing mostly tracks off their new album, Celebration Rock, you can hear their struggle to sound unique and see during their set why. Using power as their backbone, Japandroids played one of the most exciting sets I’ll see this year.

-Written and photographed by Gregory Hill


Listen to the Japandroids’ “Younger Us.”