edc festival costumes

Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) costumes are notoriously skimpy, creative and…different (Check out this photo gallery of Electric Daisy Carnival fashion). This year the Festival gave away several awards to fans including best group costume and solo costume for each day of the weekend festival. Winners received:

Grand Prize for Best Group Costume
4 to 6 Winners in a Group
–       Access to backstage for the rest of the weekend for your group
–       Private Trailer room with snacks and refreshments for your personal use for the rest of the night!
–       Travel back to EDC in style the following day in a private helicopter ride for you and your group (or a limo, if you so choose). If your group wins on Sunday, you’ll receive an alternative option of Festival passes to a future 2012 Insomniac event or club show of your choosing.

Grand Prize for Solo Best Costume
–       2 Guest wristbands for backstage access for the rest of the weekend
–       2 passes to any future 2012 Insomniac event of your choosing
–       Insomniac EDC Care Package

Many Other Prizes will be awarded
–       Festival passes to Nocturnal Wonderland, Escape from Wonderland, and White Wonderland
–       Passes to your choice of any Insomniac Club events throughout 2012
–       $25 Merch Vouchers
–       More TBD

Below are photos of the best costumes for the first day (June 9th). More photos to come.