Electric Daisy Carnival

You’re probably counting the hours until this weekend’s Electric Daisy Carnival kicks off, but for one lucky winner–the hour already struck. For the first time, the Festival put on by Insomniac Events, assembled the “Discovery Project” in conjunction with Mixcloud. Producers and DJ’s were asked to post a 30-minute set that contained at least two original tracks in the mix, which was then submitted to a voting committee. The prize–a chance to perform at Electric Daisy Carnival, which reportedly welcomed the attendance of some 250,000 people last year.

So when David Hiller discovered he won, you can only image his eyes big envisioning the bright lights flashing and hands cheering him on. The 18-year-old dubstep wunderkind has already had his music featured in national ad campaigns for Gatorade, but this–is the next step forward. “”I was ecstatic when I found out I won,” admitted Hiller to us, “I can still hardly believe that I have been given an opportunity to showcase myself to 300,000 people.” Luckily, this is just the first contest in what is expected to be a series of similar opportunities. Are you ready?

Congrats David Hiller. You can listen to his mix below the photo.