Guns N' Roses manchester arena

Guns N’ Roses are notorious for making their fans wait, but sometimes enough is enough. Last night at Manchester Arena, Guns N’ Roses fans decided to call it quits when Guns N’ Roses didn’t perform until three hours after their scheduled set time. Granted, the band then played a 33-song set, three hour show, which ended three hours after event organizers originally agreed to (11pm). However, by the end of the performance there were only 6,000 attendees in the venue, a good 10,000 short of the venue’s capacity.

One can imagine folks were not happy. In addition to fans taking to Twitter (see below), one fan chucked a pint at Axl Rose during “Welcome To The Jungle.” Ouch!

It’s unconfirmed, but it’s suspected the band also showed up late to their performance in Liverpool.
Guns ‘N Roses – “Welcome to The Jungle”