I Love This City Festival had two types of fashion goers: there were plenty of people wearing brightly colored gear and bracelet bedazzled clothes, but some were dressing up for an event while others were just putting on their concert gear. The former person may go to a couple DJ pumping rave-esq events in the year and therefore has their go to neon getup, much like how we all have costumes in our closet for Halloween, but the latter wears these digs regularly. They are not pulling the one outfit out of the closet, they are assembling the various pieces from the neon section of their wardrobe.

The ripped shirtless bros were still there, along with a swarm of muscle-tees, and the animal hat-gloves crowd (who, honestly, were the best dancers as well). If you’re ever people watching at a music festival, find the hat-gloves crowd and just watch them for a bit. They’re usually in another universe, just loving music, movement and life. Not a bad way to be at an electronica music fest.

The hipster action was back, especially when we wandered the upper grass levels. And the lawn ran the whole gamut of SF hipster: not only did I discover Amy Winehouse is still impacting fashion, but I also got some social media tips from a very enthusiastic social-media-er. So all in all, a pretty successful trip to the lawn.

Don’t let my negative start fool you, though. There were plenty of dapper, stylish and crazy individuals at Shoreline to catch Day 2 of I Love This City


What’s your fashion must for going to a rave?