i love this city duck sauce

Growing up in the area, Shoreline was always my go-to venue for shows. Though the amphitheater has stayed pretty much the same, I’ve grown a lot since my Spice Girl days. Hitting up the I Love This City festivalwas a vivid reminder of that fact!

Let’s start with the fashion. The looks ranged from raver-neon with pacifiers to your classic done-up Marina girl going out on a Friday night. Then there are the haute hipster folk (of the ripped up variety rather than the easy-going plaid). There were the girls showing way too much skin (I saw lots of ass last night) and the bros in their muscle Ts. Catching these looks was a highlight of the day and I am pumped to see what Day 2 brings, fashion wise.

When the tunes started rolling off any of the 3 stages, these fashion differences melted away in the onslaught of light, rumbling base and the steady stream of confetti blasts. Duck Sauce’s performance and Sebastian’s live set topped our favorites, throwing down some sick sets that got every single person up dancing on their feet. Somehow this crowd ignored the amphitheater seats and turned Shoreline into one massive dance party.

I am utterly stoked for round 2 today. Check out I Love This City Day 2 schedule.

-Written and photographed by Julie Logan

Duck Sauce: “Big Bad Wolf”