Star Slinger and The Hood Internet’s concert definitely gave the crowd something to remember while riding home. The night was filled with catchy pop tunes infused with the trademark soul samples that Star Slinger has become known for. I had seen Star Slinger perform once before (last November) with Shlohmo and Shigeto in a small venue in Montreal, Canada: it was an intimate night with no more than 150 people. The stage in the corner of the room was bare except for the performer and his equipment.

Last night at Slim’s showed me how much Star Slinger’s reach has grown and effort has been put forth creating a full encompassing audio and visual experience. The lights of Hood Internet and Star Slinger perfectly coupled their sets. Lastly, the crowd here in the Bay was much bigger and more prepared to give every last bit of attention to the artists, hanging on every beat-break and groove.