shinewdown in minneapolis

For years it seems Shinedown has permanently had a spot on the top 100 charts reserved for their latest and greatest material. With the release of their new album, Amaryllis, it has proven to be no exception to this unspoken rule of success. This widespread recognition made it no surprise to see fans lining the perimeter of The Myth prior to the doors being opened. In addition to Shinedown’s faithful crowd, Art Of Dying drew an impressive lot as well. Established in 2005, Art of Dying’s performance on Tuesday proved them to be a strong contender in becoming one of the next leading names in rock.

Breaking the initial concert angst that naturally comes with waiting for the music to start, Art Of Dying wasted no time in getting every single person jumping, fists pumping and singing along. The amount of movement and energy of the entire band, along with the incredible raw vocal talent of lead, Jonny Hetherington, added up to a flawless performance and ultimately a great night of marketing their abilities to Minnesota music fans. Their greatest crowd responses of the evening came from their two previously established hits of “Die Trying,” “Get Thru This” and their latest single “Sorry.” There’s no doubt in my mind that if they keep doing what they’re doing on stage as well as off, always meeting fans after each performance, they will be a household name soon.

Art of Dying in Minneapolis

Shinedown, following Art Of Dying, rocked the house from the get go with “Sounds of Madness,” “Diamond Eyes Diamond Eyes (Boom-Lay Boom-Lay Boom)” and “Enemies.” This really helped set the stage for the evening. Lesson learned, you should never go to a Shinedown concert expecting anything less than the vocal, instrumental and overall integrity that is present in their recordings. Some bands cannot live up to their albums. Shinedown surpassed their recordings. Brent’s abilities on stage are breathtaking. Eavesdrop on any given conversation at the end of the night, and his voice was more than likely the subject of their praise. Other hits they brought to the table were “Bully,” “Second Chance,” “Devour,” “The Crow and the Butterfly” and countless others. To say the least, it was a night of powerhouse male vocalists. No complaints – sound, lights, energy, and overall crowd appeal were exemplary. Minnesota will without a doubt be welcoming both Art Of Dying and Shinedown with open arms anytime should they chose to venture back to the Midwest.

-Written and photographed by Kasey Jean

Shinedown: “Unity”