Cass McCombs’ public appeal is growing despite his obfuscated persona. The San Francisco based singer and songwriter has strived to avoid the limelight. His label described him as “Deeply distrustful of the Business, McCombs has stayed relatively underground, supported by a devoted fan base and his label/publisher. In 2010, Domino Records hired a photo-surveillance private investigator to follow McCombs and take what would be become the publicity shots for Wit’s End. Examples such as this suggest that he and mainstream acceptance are in a state of perpetual stalemate.”

His music speaks otherwise. Wit’s End single “County Line” provides chilling honesty reserved for intimate confessions of unreciprocated love as he sings, “You never even *tried* to love me  / what did I have to do to make you want me? / I feel so blind I can’t make out the passing road signs.” In this vein, his performances are like a personal diary reading. Consequence of Sound writer, Summer Donsmore wrote of his last performance at Great American Music Hall, “During the show, all of the lights in the venue were dimmed to their lowest murmur, with the only illumination coming from a cascade of flickering gold stage lights set up behind the band. McCombs and band started off with “My Sister, My Spouse”, a song whose power lied in its subtlety; the mood was set by the endlessly flickering stage stars that entranced the crowd.”

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Cass McCombs: “Bradley Manning”