machine gun kelly tour

Machine Gun Kelly’s Hostile Takeover Tour continues its course of 95 shows in 100 days. Talk about grinding! Life on the road isn’t always pretty, as MGK shows fans in the second season premier of “Kelly Vision.” During the episode¬†MGK takes fans on his tour bus giving them a first hand look at the lavish accommodations: 1) Riders sleeping on couches because there’s not enough beds 2) A “$250 toilet” because every time you use it you have to pay someone $250 to clean it 3) A munchies cabinet full of delectables like Oreos, Lucky Charms and peanut butter crackers 4) A bag full of mysterious condoms that just appeared. No wonder artists just love¬†touring!

Towards the end of the video are some great chenangigans including a parody of Lil Wayne. Do you lace up?