Los Angeles has always been a city for those who seek out what they want to achieve, so it’s no surprise there are so many diamonds… and a lot of things are rough. One of the many shining diamonds is making her mark in the city of angels as we speak, singer/songwriter Kota, who is the owner/operator of Melrose club AMPLYFI. One of the few all-ages clubs in the city, they’ve played host to many talented acts and have just recently passed their one year anniversary. No small feat for a new music venue in LA. Just last week, Kota graced the cover of LA Weekly for their annual “Most Interesting People of L.A.” issue. She was one of five different covers, among Adam Lambert, Matt Kemp of the L.A. Dodgers, Jonny Edwards of Coffin Case, and Carrie Fisher.

During the month of May, AMPLYFI played host to a weekly event geared towards various charitable organizations, called “Rock For A Difference.” The events were organized by LA-based garage-rock band Decoded, with each week bringing in a different charity. Ace of Hearts, Create Now, Coalition For Clean Air, HeArts Giving Hope, and RentFoodBroke were the organizations that brought all this together, and rock and roll is bringing them more of what they need. So big ups to one of Thrillcall’s first LA-area venue partners, our supporters at Planet LA Records and everyone out there that’s helping make a difference, both in the music scene and beyond.

Upcoming Events:

Decoded Presents at Amplyfi: Riddle the Sphinx, Ballerina Black, Christiane Cargill Kinney & The Lost Colors

Decoded Presents at Amplyfi: The Gallery, Finish Ticket & ThatWasThenTHE
“Rock for a Difference Los Angeles” takes place every Thursday in May at AMPLYFi between 7:30pm and 10:30pm. The concert series is being hosted by garage pop rock band, Decoded. Every show, features a different Los Angeles organization that works on improving the city. All the bands included raffle off prizes and the raffle proceeds are donated directly towards the organization of the night.

AMPLYFi is located in the alley behind the Astroburger at Melrose and Gower. All shows are all ages and alcohol-free!