Coachella lost and found

Did you forget something at Coachella this year? Yes you say, well on Coachella’s website you can sift through their lost and found. Maybe you’ll find your driver’s license, wallet or ID amongst the 470 others that were left. Or you can scroll through the 30 different bags, backpacks, and purses that were turned in. There are over 60 sets of keys. (Really? How did you get home?) You’ll probably want to look at the 50 cameras and find that one with all those incriminating photos of you doing, you know what, just left to be discovered by someone you don’t know. Then there are the 100 phones sitting in a box wondering when you’re going to call. Are you going to call? Not all of them are broken. Actually, most of them look just fine and if you ask any pickpocket thief they’d likely take any of those forty iPhones off your hands. Most likely though, you’re one of the 35 people who lost your glasses, probably couldn’t see that you also lost your purse, iPhone, and house keys until you got home. Don’t worry, Coachella has those too. Hopefully, if you’re the person who lost your blood glucose kit you’re okay.

In an interview with the LA Weekly, two Coachella staff workers explained that a surprising number of items were actually being returned to the owner. Imagine what the numbers could have been?!

Hopefully, you don’t forget as much at Coachella 2013.