New York Deli Mag Festival

Tomorrow, The Deli Magazine will kick off its four day N.Y.C. B.E.A.F. (Best Emerging Artist Festival) taking place in the heart of the emerging indie scene, Williamsburg. The local, indie focused zine prides itself on selecting budding musicians playing heartfelt music with a proclivity for indie, alt rock, DIY, post punk and rootsy music. Most importantly, The Deli chooses band that haven’t been discovered by the mainstream. This year’s lineup is no different.

Over four days the festival will feature an eclectic assortment of lineups including electronic, songwriter, “mixed indie,” “avant pop,” and “rootsy.”  We expect you probably haven’t heard of most of the bands. Don’t fret, just choose based on the stage’s genre and trust the Deli’s taste (thousands already do). If you’d like our two cents, check out the mixed indie stage this Saturday showcasing two our upcoming favorites, Snowmine and Arms.

For the full daily lineups go to the  N.Y.C. B.E.A.F.’s page. Below is a sample from our two favorite bands.

Snowmine: “Curfews”


ARMS: “Face-Gravity”