tea leaf green

For the last decade Tea Leaf Green has spent close to a third of each year performing. The group is so frequently on the road they’ve gone ahead and labeled themselves “Lost Boys.” Since they began in the late 90s, the group has followed the path of Phish and The Grateful Dead and held on to the allure of jam band rock. Their seventh and latest album Radio Tragedy has been widely received as their strongest and most complete to date. Singer and guitarist Josh Clark described the album as “a reflection on the ups and downs on the road to radio gold, chasing dreams and ghosts on America’s highways and finding triumph, sorrow and sacrifice in the pursuit.” Honesty has always been their strong suit, coupled with jangling guitars, fine tuned rhythms and rockability.

Hidden Track writer David Schultz’s recount of the group’s performance at the Brooklyn Bowl says it best, “At the core, Tea Leaf Green remembers that a rock and roll concert is supposed to be fun. At the Brooklyn Bowl, they paid homage to The Big Lebowski, the Citizen Kane of bowling movies, with a cover of Dylan’s The Man In Me and tweaked their Williamsburg locale with a romp through Hipster Ninja.” You can expect nothing less from their show tonight at The New Parish.

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For those of you interested in getting more familiar, read Schultz’s review. Otherwise, take a listen below to Tea Leaf Green’s “All Washed Up.”