Don’t think of Pretty Lights Music as a record label. It’s a power house. Since its inception just over a year ago, founder Derek Vincent Smith, a.k.a. Pretty Lights, has established the label as forefront tastemaker in EDM. This is not a record label in the traditional sense. Taking Radiohead’s In Rainbow business model, Pretty Lights assembled a collective of producers giving away free, quality music to everyone. Pretty Lights own widespread appeal has helped bolster the attention for the wildly talented group that includes M Machine, Break Science, Paper Diamond, Paul Basic, and Gramatik.

dfDubReport says it best, “There’s a reason people sit and wait patiently for the next release on Pretty Lights Music record label. Not only is the anticipation damn worth the nights spent incessantly checking Facebook for that definitive update, but there’s an understanding when it comes to this label that electronic genius is determined by quality of work rather than frequency.”

Tomorrow, Yoshi’s Lounge will feature a Pretty Lights Music showcase of Break Science, Paul Basic, and Supervision. If you’re a fan of Pretty Lights, but haven’t heard of these artists we suggest you trust the producer’s judgement. Deadmau5 brought up Skrillex. Pretty Lights brought up Pretty Lights Music label…

Today, you can win a pair of tickets on our app.

Get excited with Break Science’s “Zion Station.”