Only recently finishing a tour that saw them in Germany, Brazil, Argentina, Austria, Switzerland, Japan and their home country, South Africa, Parlotones’ singer Kahn Morbee admits “America dictates trends around the world. If you’re big there, the rest of the world listens. It has a ripple effect. We would be very proud to achieve success in the U.S. because very few artists from our country have managed it. I think for a long time, South Africans have had an inferiority complex in terms of our place in the world and our relative insignificance compared to the super powers. It would be nice to have a success story, especially in a nation that needs uplifting, and instill folks back home that ‘can do’ belief.”

Even after playing alongside Coldplay at The World Cup in South Africa the band clearly still feels they have something to prove. With the release of their fourth studio album last week, Journey Through the Shadows, The Parlotones return for a North American tour starting tomorrow. Are you ready to be a part of the tipping scale? Grab tickets to The Parlotones’ show tomorrow in Los Angeles on our iPhone app.