In conjunction with the release of his new album, Ufabulum, Squarepusher added tour dates for this fall. The drum and bass icon returned to performing live earlier this year for San Francisco’s Creator’s Project, after a seven year hiatus. Here’s what Thrillcall writer Phillip Taylor-Parker had to say about the performance:

I was in the photo pit for this one, hands hovering near my ears at all times should one of my earplugs decide to leap from my ear cavity in protest. Those earplugs were my two best friends during the Squarepusher set, as he worked every thunderous rumble he could out of the chin-high stack of floor amps that lined the entire base of the stage.

The quality of Squarepusher’s set probably depends on your familiarity with his cult status in the drum and bass arena. If you know him as Aphex Twin’s worthy contemporary — a secluded innovator responsible for guiding the twitchy micro-sequenced electronic music scene — it probably served you well enough to bask in the glow of his first US performance in 7 years, and let the experience just sort of wash over you. If you aren’t familiar…well, you watched a man press the space bar and hype the crowd like a mad conductor, jabbing at the air as if “directing” the breakdowns and flip-ups which were clearly programmed into the set from the start.

To boot, every performance by Squarepusher is visually conceived, written, and designed by him; and, each show is promised to evolve over the coming months creating an unique experience for each performance. Just take a look at the video for “Dark Steering” featured below to get a visual jolting.

On Squarepusher’s website, he explains the importance of music and visuals for his album:

Music always has an imaginary visual aspect for me, ranging from evocations of simple combinations of colours, through complex geometric arrangements to real-life scenes. This project is focused on allowing visual aspects to feed back to the music that I make and vice versa, in order to bind them as closely together as I can. I’ve only ever seen the point of using imagery when it is completely locked, both rhythmically and conceptually, to the music.

You can catch him on tour this fall at one of the select dates below.

Tour dates

7/31 – Portland, OR – Wonder Ballroom US
8/2 – San Francisco, CA – Regency Ballroom
8/4 – Los Angeles CA – HARD Summer Music Festival
10/30 – New York, NY – (Details to be announced soon)
10/31 – Boston, MA – Royale
11/3 – Chicago, IL – Metro