Explosions in the Sky’s new video for “Postcard from 1952” is a visually stunning complement to their lush and detailed instrumental arrangements. The video’s small (and rather insignificant) captured actions of a mother’s hand on her child’s shoulder, a child’s fibrillating lips blowing out birthday candles, the jutting motions of a sprinkler, take on new meanings as the guitar progressions build, the drums’ dynamics increase and everything combined transforms into a collage of ideas, meanings, and feelings.

Rarel, does a music video parallel the emotions of a live experience, but Explosions in the Sky’s “Postcard from 1952” visually describes exactly what Thrillcall’s photographer Andrew Li recently recounted from Explosions in the Sky’s performance at the Palace of Fine Arts last month:

It begins so quietly, with the slow plucking of electric guitars and the steady marching of the drums. But those who know Explosions in the Sky know that their music can take you places. The set plays out more like a symphony, with not a single break in between movements. They’re a band that can take the sad butterflies in your stomach and set them fluttering, putting you through an entire emotional roller-coaster in all of six minutes. It’s music that is at the same time both gorgeous and lovely, and absolutely heartbreaking. While they may be an instrumental band, they’re as poetic and lyrical as anything else out there.

Take a look at “Postcard from 1952” below and tell us what you think.

Explosions in the Sky added summer tour dates after a highly successful tour.  You can also find tickets to Explosions in the Sky‘s performance on Thrillcall.