Curren$y isn’t shy to admit his love for weed. The New Orleans rapper’s music is full of references–to say the least. He’s certainly not the first or the last rapper to wake up and sleep with Mary Jane. However, Curren$y goes a step further and will give advice like why you should smoke papers and not blunts (watch The Smoking Section session). So tomorrow, when Curren$y’s tour stops at The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco–guess what he’s going to do? And guess what, if you want to partake in the show we’ve got a pair of tickets for you. All you have to do is download our iphone app, and enter the contest. We’ll email and announce a winner selected at random tomorrow at 12pm PST.

And since you know what Curren$y will do tomorrow night, we thought we offer up “5 Things Curren$y Wouldn’t Do.”

1. Curren$y wouldn’t pass on a joint.

It doesn’t take a scientist to deduce this, but let’s get this out of the way.

2. Curren$y wouldn’t ask a cop for directions.

Dave Chapelle said it best “That’s just a waste of weed.”

3. Curren$y wouldn’t look at a bag of weed and ask, “Is that organic?”

Think a guy who has rapped on tracks like “Weed Brownie,” “Paper Mission,” “Smoking Trezz,” “Blaze Something,” “Burn an Ounce, “Lemon Kush,” “Rapper Weed” and “Dat Tree” really cares if it’s “organic.”

4. Curre$y wouldn’t have weed and not know how to smoke it.

At some point every weed smoker has faced this dilema: they left their papers, forgot their piece, or have only one match. At that point, they all knew they just need a Sobe bottle, some duck tape, a scissor, a hair clip, and some cotton balls.

5. Curren$y wouldn’t make a list of things he wouldn’t do.

Because that $@#$ sounds corny as $##$.