Willis Earl Beal made a big public splash when the legendary hip hop group, The Roots introduced the soul singer on Twitter. Willis Earl Beal’s debut album, Acousmatic Sorcery, hadn’t yet been released. Something was different about him. XL Records flew the 27 year old to New York. He signed, met Damon Albarn (of The Gorillaz), drank champagne, and ate lobster sandwiches. The pieces seemed to fall into place–quickly. In an interview with Pitchfork Beal hinted at why:

“I am a good singer, but it’s less about the fact that I am good and more about how you do it. It’s about style. People like style. If you got style then they’re more willing to get on your side and more willing to believe “This guy actually might be good. I don’t know if he’s good. He thinks he’s good.”  Really I just got an old time soul voice from the choir, but it’s about what you put with it.”

Tonight you can discover Beal’s allure at LA’s The Echo, where he’ll perform alongside Emily Kokal of Warpaint. It’s an intimate venue to catch Willis Earl Beal who’s scheduled to tour alongside fellow rising star, SBTRKT (check out our live photos of SBTRKT’), had him at at venues like the House of Blues. You can win a pair of tickets on our iPhone app, just download it and enter.

Before you do, riddle us this: Is style more important to gain influence than music itself? Listen to Willis Earl Beal’s interview with Pitchfork below.