DJ Khaled has an excuse for missing last weekend’s performance at Grad Bash: his bus blew up. Skeptical fans needn’t second guess the Miami rapper/producer/DJ, since Khaled tweeted the blazing bus shortly after it burst into flames (pictured below). Fortunately, no one was hurt. With the bus ablaze in the background, Khaled jumped behind the camera to record the event for his video blog. In the video he stated:

“I just lost all my jewelry, all my clothes, and a lot of other valuables. Also, I just lost my entire bus that just blew the fuck up…We out here promoting Kiss The Ring. When I tell ya’ll shit be real, shit be real. I don’t sleep. I make sure my team is good. My family good. I take on other people’s problems. I deal with a lot of shit. This ain’t no rented bus.”

The bus’ explosions seemed to feed the fuel to Khaled’s already driving flame as he concluded the video stating “Basically what I’m tryna tell you is this shit stressful, but it ain’t gonna stop what I’m tryna do. It ain’t gonna make me stop from climbing the mountain top.” The tour will reportedly continue given the circumstances.

Details to how the explosion occurred are still unclear. Watch Khaled’s video blog post below.