There are a handful of active producers and DJs from the 90s that still have an impact on current hip hop. DJ Shadow is one of them. It started with his 1996 debut, Entroducing. As the first album compiled solely from samples, it defined a genre of instrumental hip hop that then paved the way for artists like RJD2, UNKLE, Nujabes, and more. Shadow, along with fellow Quantum Colletive producer’s Chief Xcel and Cut Chemist, were figure heads of “back pack” hip hop production that gained mainstream popularity with rapper Lupe Fiasco. Needless to say, the man, his records, his music, have done a lot for hip hop.

When you attend DJ Shadow’s performance consider this statement he made during the documentary Scratch:

I couldn’t believe there was something like this, a cache this large and the fact that it’s relatively untouched…

Just being in here is a humbling experience because you’re looking through all these records and it’s sort of like a big pile of broken dreams in a way. Almost none of these artists still have a career, really, so you have to kind of respect that in a way. If you’re making record, and if you’re DJing, and putting out releases whether it’s mixtape or whatever, you’re adding to this pile whether you want to admit it or not.

Entroducing along with Shadow’s latest project, The Less You Know The Better, will certainly be remembered, and not as broken dreams, but symbols of a new generation of hip hop. Watch Shadow’s interview below from Scratch.

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Listen below to “Midnight In A Perfect World” from Shadow’s debut album.