Girl In A Coma are taking back rock in a big way. You could argue it’s not surprising that their latest album Exits & All The Rest received such glowing reviews from Rolling Stone, LA Weekly and was even included in NPR’s “Top 50 albums of 2011.”  In 2006, after performing at New York’s Knitting Factory for a TV broadcast featuring obscure bands they wowed two very influential artists, Joan Jett and her long-time songwriting partner/producer, Kenny Laguna. The rest is history, after Jett signed the group to her Blackheart Records. Since the group has toured alongside Morrissey, Sia, Tegan and Sara, The Pogues and Amanda Palmer. Get a taste of their unique blend of punk, blues, rockabilly, and good old fashioned rock & roll from their track “Smart” (below). Or even better, see them tonight.

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