It takes not one, not two, but three drums to march with the Street Drum Corps. The punk rock drum group with a showmanship of the Blue Man Group, have taken their drumming on plastic trash cans performing at the Staples Center, to touring alongside 30 Second to Mars, Van’s Warped Tour, and Linkin Park. The trio of Frank Zummo, Bobby Alt, and Adam Alt provide a full and unusual sound that ventured from tribal rhythms, marching bands, and hip-hop and journeyed into industrial dance and experimental music (read The Owl Mag’s interview). Often their performances are accompanied by guest appearances such as in the past Bert McCracken (The Used), Adrian Young (No Doubt), Deftones, John Sawicki from Stomp, Stephen Perkins (Jane’s Addiction), Brooks Wackerman (Bad Religion), Skrillex and Tommy Lee. It’s anyone’s guess who will they’ll perform with tonight at The Viper Room.

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-Photograph by Kristen Woo

Listen to SDC’s “Happy X-Mas” ft. Bert McCracken.