After becoming endeared with Caveman’s artsy indie pop sound during their SXSW performances, you can imagine our excitement when we learned they were returning to San Francisco (tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall) and Los Angeles (tomorrow at The Echo). As fans who just wanted to get chummy with our new band crush—we looked for ways to “break the ice.” It didn’t surprise us that the New York natives were Knicks fans, and as basketball fans ourselves—well, the rest is history. With back and forth emails, we chatted with Caveman’s lead singer, Matt Iwanusa.

Thrillcall: Let’s talk sports since more than once I’ve seen the band reference the Knicks. What were your thoughts on “Linsanity?” Who’s your favorite Knick’s player all time?

Matt Iwanusa: Linsanity, love the guy. Get healthy and come back to prove Linsanity is no joke! Favorite Knick of all time would have to be John “Number 3” “Biggest Dunk In Knicks History Ever” “Deserves A Title” Starks. He was one man that really just showed off what NY felt like to me at the time. He was so cool, a hot head but everyone cared about him. And he was extremely exciting.

Thrillcall: As the lead singer are you a point guard driving the way for the band? Or are you more the Dennis Rodman PF picking up and filling in with crazy antics and rebounds? Who’s the underrated, high, flying Spud Webb in the band?

Matt Iwanusa:I like to think of myself as my dude Charles Oakley. He had no quit. What a man. He and Dennis Rodman would have a great rebound competition. Spud…I think everyone’s Spud on this squad.

Thrillcall: To make it to the NBA, you have to have something that drives you. What has pushed your love of music? Are there any instances in your life where you knew this was the path you wanted to take?

Matt Iwanusa: From as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to play music. If you’re passionate about something you aren’t  going to quit! I’m sure anybody who works everyday to be in the NBA can relate to that.

Thrillcall: Was there a driving force?

Matt Iwanusa: When we did the first record we were all looking for a new situation where we could express ourselves the way we wanted. I needed to find out some things about myself and figure out who I was, so I just invested all my time into the record.

Thrillcall: What were you searching for personally to understand? Looking forward in your career are you hoping to win a title ring or be a seasoned role player?

Matt Iwanusa: Myself and just growing up. My dudes and I already got championship rings! One on each finger.


If you’re a SF resident, make sure to check Caveman out tonight at Brick & Mortar Music Hall. Tickets are only $12 at the door. And LA, tomorrow you’ll have the pleasure of their sound when they perform at The Echo. Ticket for that show are $10 in advance and $12 at the door.

For you new listeners, watch their performance on NPR’s “Tiny Desk.”